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When you rent a home in NSW and become a 'renter' or a 'tenant', knowing your rights and responsibilities will help you avoid or resolve differences you may have with your landlord, real estate agent, house-mates or neighbours.

At the start of every tenancy, you should be given a copy of the New tenant checklist by your landlord or agent.

In this section, you will find information to help you understand what the tenancy laws in NSW mean for you, at the beginning, middle or end of a tenancy.

Starting a tenancy
During a tenancy
Ending a tenancy

NSW Fair Trading

Tenancy Information
Tel: 13 32 20
TTY 1300 723 404

Aboriginal Tenancy Information
Tel: 13 32 20 Toll free 1800 500 330
TTY 1300 723 404

Rental Bond Information
Tel: 13 32 20
TTY 1300 723 404

Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
Tel: 1300 135 399

Property management agreements and problems with real estate agents
Tel: 9895 0297 Toll free 1800 625 963

Other services

Australian Property Institute – NSW Division
Tel: 9299 1811

Department of Housing
Tel: 13 15 71

Property Owners Association of NSW
Tel: 9363 3949

Real Estate Institute of NSW
Tel: 9264 2343

Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services
Tenants Union Hotline Tel: 1800 251 101