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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the site and its resources for a trial period before subscribing?

It is free to use the site for up to 4 properties. You will need to pay for a subscription for the 5th and subsequent properties. There is no time limit to the free version and you are free to leave at any time without further charges if you subscribe.

Are you able to set up automatic bank feeds into RentBook?

RentBook does not link to your bank accounts. Payments and transactions are required to be added manually. All rent due, bond and management fee transactions are added by the software.

Can I view a history of emails to my tenant?

RentBook generates some automated emails for rental reminders and notifications of transactions received, as well as specific arrears emails that are a instigated by the owner/manager. These are all viewable in the notifications section. There is also a separate messaging module for general communications, that ensure all communications are easily listed. Of course we can't access emails that are sent or received outside of RentBook.

Is Rentbook compliant with the agents financial administration act and relevant regulations

While there is no official approval process, we can state that the software has been through many audits and according to audits, we can state that it complies with the regulatory requirements in all Australian States and territories.

Can I add more properties to my subscription?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of properties you can subscribe to or add. If you reach the limit of your property pack simply add another pack to accommodate your expanding property portfolio

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