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Who we are?

RentBook is Australia's first online property management solution.
Since in April 2008, RentBook has connected landlords, managers and tenants maintain their rental records and history online.
Whether you manage your own property or manage on behalf of others, there is lots of paperwork and keeping track of records that RentBook has automated.

One of the aims of RentBook is to assist tenants in maintaining accurate and timely rental records. We have found that by giving the tenants online access to their records, they are much more likely to pay accurately and on time.

If you manage properties for others, then both the tenant and the property owner are able to view the lease details and payment histories. This cuts down on the number of phone calls and queries about rental payments.

Also tenants and landlords can send messages via RentBook, this allows for a history of correspondance than can be very handy in maintaining effective communication, one of the main areas where rental disputes occur.

We have developed RentBook with in order to fully assist the property owner, the property manager and the tenant in creating an organised and automated method to assist in better tenancy renting.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

The Directors

Craig Saunders : Has been developing software since 1982, having built mission critical systems for BHP, BlueScope Steel, Nortel Networks and many other major companies

Paul Saunders : Has over 30 years experience in Real Estate Sales and Property Management.

A brief history

RentBook software was started in 2006 to manage our private properties. In 2007 we created RentBook Pty Ltd and the first, limited launch of the the RentBook software was released in early 2008 and available to property owners that we directly managed through our Real Estate Company.

Since then, development has focused on making our software meet the needs of owners, managers and tenants, as we believe that the ability to quickly look up your rental history is important and promotes good landlords, managers and tenants.

We are continuing to update and add to the software suite. All releases are avaiable immediately, as it's all online.

Our experience so far has shown that we're on the right track.
We're going to keep developing RentBook and make it the best Property Rental Software available

Our Mission

  • To encourage excellent property management, by providing easy to use management tools.
  • To provide the ability to have all your rental and financial property records available securely online, anytime, anytime.
  • To create a pool of great landlord and tenants for future property rentals

Craig Saunders, Director

RentBook property management software is the low cost solution for
Landlords and Property Managers