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Management software for Property Managers and Landlords

Keep track of your rental property income and expense

Automate rent reminders and receipts to your tenants

Secure,cloud-based online solution

No software to download, backup or update

Responsive layout for your desktop and mobile devices

"I've been using Rentbook for months and it is absolutely fantastic, it saves me tonnes of time and money on management fees and my tenant loves the convenience!" - Aidan Bickhoff, Noosaville landlord

Get Connected

Your tenants or property owners will be given a FREE connected account

Sending of receipts, notifications and statements is all automated

Trust Accounting

If you're a property manager, RentBook has a fully secure, accredited trust accounting module.

Perfect if you're planning to grow your property management business

User Friendly

Smart, intuitive layout to ensure you don't spend your time learning another system.

Our responsive layout means you can use it on all your mobile devices as well

Affordable Price

Landlord Property plans start from $5.95/month for 1 property and unlimited leases

Property Manager plans start from $19.95/month for 5 property and unlimited leases

Some of our awesome Landlord features

  • Detailed rental legers: You can do away with your spreadsheets and losing track of where rent is up to. Rental legers and reminder emails are automatically generated for you.
  • Detailed income/expense reports: Come tax time, you'll be able to email your completed general leger to your accountant. Your accountant will be happier (and so will the tax department).
  • Tenancy act regulations: By maintaining proper records and procedures, you'll avoid being at risk if things ever get a little weird your tenant.
  • Tenants receipts: Your tenant will be able to login and download all their receipts at any time, as well as getting email notifications that you've receipted the rent.
  • Tenants receipts: Your tenant will be able to login and download all their receipts at any time, as well as getting email notifications that you've receipted the rent.

Property Manager Benefits:

  • The lowest cost online accredited trust accounting available
  • Owners and tenants can have their own FREE secure login accounts to view their records
  • Automated rental receipts to tenants, with notifications sent to the owners
  • Owners can print their own statements on demand
  • Tenants and landlord can lodge maintenance requests online
  • Easy to read rental legers and arrears reports.
  • Reduces your phone calls and paperwork.
  • Only pay for the properties you manage, no upfront costs or training
  • Start from only $19.95 per month (5 properties), no upfront costs

.. and let's not forget the Tenants

  • Your Rental Records: You'll be able to print your good rental records at anytime, even if you're renting with a landlord.
  • Maintenance Requests: You can lodge your maintanance requests online. There will be a record of when the issue was lodged.
  • Rental Reminders: The rental reminders will also let you know where you're at with the rent, just in case something has been missed.
  • Your Free Online Account: Your account is free and always available, so you can keep all your rental records, for any future rentals.

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